Sex toys are all the rage in the adult entertainment industry, but now it’s giving back to the average Joe, by providing something new and unique. At an Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas, a company founded out of New Jersey brought something new with them that may change the way that people perceive the adult entertainment industry. In fact, this new sex doll appropriately named robot Rexxy may change a lot of way that people perceive things. Robot Rexxy is the newest in adult companions that is built with sensors are specific parts of the body and can respond accordingly.


Who is adult robot Rexxy?


This sexy robot was made in hopes of providing companionship for those who’re otherwise lonely. While she can’t move on her own and sound is emitted from a built in speaker in the robot, it can carry on simple conversations. Of course there are similar models that have already been released and created in Japan that make realistic sexual noises and will talk, robot Rexxy is about a bit more than that. The founder and creator of Robot Rexxy and the company marketing them, wanted to take her a step beyond a sex doll.


They go on to say while they understand that sex is the ultimate goal with this robot, people aren’t often satisfied because once the act is done they still feel alone or lonely. Rexxy is meant to be a cure to that issue as she is able to be used for sexual gratification, but also there to carry on conversations afterwards. Originally, Rexxy had been made under a different name and was supposed to be a home health Aid for senior citizens. However, due to the laws that governs those types of jobs and legislation that made it harder to paten, the founder of Rexxy chose to move her in to a different direction with a new purpose.


Robot Rexxy will come equipped with a laptop that controls and operates Rexxy and is to have a built in updateable software that will expand the vocabulary of Rexxy as well as make her more lifelike. As of right now she has yet to make an appearance on the market, but once she does it’s estimated that she’ll cost around seven to nine thousand dollars but will include the laptop. Due to the creator being a huge fan of soccer in the United Kingdom, he has already programmed Rexxy to be able to talk about sports with owners. Rexxy has even been programmed to be so life like that she can even snore, although we’re not sure how favorable of an option that’ll be.


Why Rexxy?


In a world of changing times and evolving ways of dating and hooking up, creators wanted to make life easier for some. No longer will people be forced to awkward dates when they just want a simple need met. They don’t have to feel bad about what they’re doing and of course it’s completely safe. There are a few different settings that will come with Rexxy personality wise which means she can be on the naughtier side of the spectrum for those who desire that, or a more frugal personality for those who’re looking for something beyond just sexual expectations. There’s a lot of hope and promise in this sex robot and a lot of that has been shaped by the adult entertainment industry. We’ve seen those cheaply made sex dolls time and time again, but who really does buy those?

While it’s agreed there is no substitution for the real thing, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding the next best thing. There’s no nasty latex feel, the sensors and the ability to talk make it something so much more real feeling and offers great satisfaction. Of course we’re hoping to see upgrades in the future that include Rexxy being able to move on her own and being fully operational without some of the limitations that are being faced now in her early stages. However, with the fast and vastly evolving and changing technology, it really shouldn’t take too long. In the meantime, people will be able to buy the Chinese model which is currently on the market. However, the Chinese model is said to be of much poorer quality and won’t offer the same qualities, or as good quality as Rexxy is expected too. Whatever your purpose for Rexxy, we’re hoping to see her on the market sometime in the near future for purchase.

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