It was probably written on a wall somewhere when virtual reality (VR) technology was first marketed to the public that it would end up being a star in the adult entertainment business. Depending on how real you need things to get, the only thing closer to VR is another living, breathing body. Porn is supposed to fuel your fantasy’s some say, and when too much reality creeps in, there goes half the fun. Then, there are those among us that appreciate what VR is capable of adding to our porn diet. In any case, whether you love the idea or look on it as the death of fantasy, VR porn has made its debut and more people love it than not.

The Oculus Rift headset is the doorway to the VR world of some of the most amazing things you never really did but will keep the memory of when you take off that head gear. Of course the porn industry would latch onto technology like this, they’d be fools if they didn’t. As to those that say “it’s too real” well, when one fantasizes the “old fashioned way” isn’t the main goal to make yourself believe it’s as real as possible? Combining technology and porn is going to work to everyone’s benefit, especially the user’s.

Instead of closing your eyes and pretending, VR helps open them wide and its 3-D effect is able to convince your brain that you are actually there. Wow, how can anyone say this is not a good thing, especially when it comes to sex? There are other keys to the VR world being marketed but they don’t stand a chance against the Oculus Rift. Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear have been around longer but clearly, they’ll have to do something major if they don’t want to eat too much of Oculus Rifts dust. It’s already kicking major butt in the world of adult entertainment and is only just getting started.

This is a good time to be alive, watching out for the next cool thing to come along can be fairly entertaining these days. We imagine the possibilities of each new tech development, and then turn it into something that you used to see only in comic books or shows like Star Trek. A few rumors of things to come in the world of high technology include Microsoft’s augmented reality HoloLens. They have come up with a way to overlay graphics on your real world.

Imagine what the adult entertainment industry will be able to do with that. Instead of a bought and paid for scene of VR, your wildest fantasies could come alive in your own bedroom! Or kitchen, bathroom, maybe on the roof, nah, too dangerous, might get excited and roll off. Point is, technology, natural curiosity, sex and human nature do work well together. Watching it all evolve into something that guarantees you always have the sex partner of your dreams should be very interesting.

Nope, people at the top in the adult entertainment business are definitely not stupid, you can bet no new technology will get past them that benefits the porn industry and the consumer it serves. What starts out as a way to play a game, the porn industry is well able to turn into ways of experiencing your deepest, most secret desires. In the real world some of those fantasies might get you in trouble, in the world of the escapist there are no limits, at all.

Every new era, including VR porn has its pioneers. The husband and wife team, Leonor Laplaza and Mike Kovalsky are the founders of VirtualRealPorn. When they realized that there was no porn to enjoy with the new VR technology being marketed they found a way to remedy that and the rest is history. So far the company has produced 55 videos accessible via app but that’s not even the best part. Users of this app are invited to share their fantasies and have content created from them that others users may enjoy.

One would think all of the above would be enough, but there’s a bit more that ought to be mentioned here. VirtualRealPorn has integrated their 180-degree videos with Lovense Teledildonics and you guessed it! Sex toys controlled by a computer to provide physical sensation to match the visuals.

The only thing missing now is smell, and you can bet there is a pornographer working hard somewhere on a solution for that. Probably something that makes a person sweat as well and once that happens, who needs the hassles of dealing with flesh and blood people and their drama when all you need to do is grab your headgear and go play in the VR world as long as you can stand it.

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