It’s been a long time coming that women are often portrayed as being fake or used and abused in the adult film industry. After all, in almost any pornographic film you watch it appears that women are at the beck and call of the men acting alongside of them and aren’t on the receiving end of any of the pleasure, what with their fake moans, undesirable backgrounds and often not to mention the cheesy store and lines that come with them. However, after an editor and activist for women came forward with a complaint about women’s roles in these films, she was given a whole new perspective from the thousands of tweets, emails, and even a box of DVD’s mailed directly to her house from women that have shown her a whole new side of adult pornography from the woman’s perspective.


Women in the Adult Entertainment Industry


Many women flocked to prove Angie Rowntree just how wrong she was when it came to females in the adult entertainment industry. While there are a great many films out their portraying women seemingly having less than a flattering time during a shoot, there is almost a secret side of film that portrays women as just the opposite and she couldn’t be more impressed if she tried. In fact, upon a collection of movies being sent to her home by women who were in the adult industry she found out how different things were with certain companies. For example, in many of the DVD’s she watched with her husband, she noticed how some of the settings were classy, almost romantic to a point and the men were even using protection during sexual acts.


If that wasn’t enough, she went on to report how many of the scripts were extremely well written and involved genuine romance, plots and a storyline that was indeed pleasurable and worth watching. In pretty well all of the one’s she watched women were being swept off their feet and genuinely worshipped as the sexual creatures they are. Even in some in which females were masturbating solo, producers of these films seemed to go about creating the scene in a way that wasn’t neither smutty nor in a way that was unrealistic or off putting.


I know you’re probably why this is important or why these types of things matter. For one, when you go in to the adult film industry or even in the entertainment aspect of the adult film industry it’s always with these preconceived notions that you’ll be stuck doing things you don’t want to in ways that aren’t all that appealing. However, in all actuality it’s showing a new side of the adult entertainment industry in which women are shown that they can still do this and be treated with respect or even have a respectful way of doing things. It’s these types of companies that are showing women that they do have options and don’t have to settle for the smutty side of adult entertainment.


Why female friendly porn?


These four ladies that volunteered their time and efforts to prove to Mrs. Roundtree that not all porn has to be ‘anti-female,’ or isn’t female friendly are proud of their accomplishments. They gave a few tips of advice for other women who may be struggling to find their role in the adult entertainment industry or female friendly porn to enjoy. First and foremost, they let ladies know that it really is out there if you care to look hard enough. It may take some time and searching, and you may be stuck seeing things you don’t enjoy, but it really is there. In general, the four ladies all stated one major thing: Stay away from ‘tube sites.’ These are sites that are really just for masturbatory purposes and thus are going to lack any sense of creativity or even a real story line that will draw anyone in. That’s the purpose of those sites and thus even in the sections that are dubbed for females are often times just cheap smut material.


Look for sites that are more pro female friendly and aren’t just for masturbation. There are a few on demand services that actually can be purchased through your typical cable operators that operate these friendly pro female services that have great story lines and a very well thought out dialogue. Overall, just don’t give up hope and don’t become discourage as sometimes finding things like this can take a bit of time.

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